InSAnE Lover (Jason The Toymaker X Reader)

InSAnE Lover (Jason The Toymaker X Reader)

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What happens when an insane toymaker finds a sweet but strong female, and falls in love with her?

I own the story I don't own jason 
Jason owns you :3

I'm going to write a new werewolf story will u guys read it? Please with a blood cherry on top will you comment your answers so I know wether to write it or not

Here's a golden potato fer ye..... 
                              *starts rambling on about potatos sounding like Nogla*
ThuyArmy ThuyArmy Jan 03
Don't forget.... POTATO TURNS TO CHIPS IF U COOK IT RIGHT WITH A RIGHT AMOUNT OF TEMPERATURE! (If anyone gets this... I swear I'll love u)
MagicalNerd01 MagicalNerd01 Sep 02, 2016
In the beginning is it first person or second person 😂😂. BC you said my which is used in first person. But then you said you which is used in second person 😂😂.
I hate flip flops not the word but the flip flops I just don't like them on my feet so I changed them to converses *hell yes!!!*
SythmiesterHorus SythmiesterHorus Oct 30, 2016
No thanks, *yells out for no apparent reason* candy pop get out here! Play with Jason!
AmberLionHeart AmberLionHeart Sep 30, 2016
Sure I'll play hide and seek with you. You seek
                              *he turns and starts counting. Runs the freak out of there*