InSAnE Lover (Jason The Toymaker X Reader)

InSAnE Lover (Jason The Toymaker X Reader)

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What happens when an insane toymaker finds a sweet but strong female, and falls in love with her?

I own the story I don't own jason 
Jason owns you :3

I'm going to write a new werewolf story will u guys read it? Please with a blood cherry on top will you comment your answers so I know wether to write it or not

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KaylaShipsDanti KaylaShipsDanti Sep 29, 2017
I'd be like *cocks gun and aims at Jason* if you don't let me pet your shoulders I will shoot you.
WhyWorryAboutMe WhyWorryAboutMe Oct 04, 2017
Me: Hi.....can I touch your hair?
                              Jason: You know I am capable of killing you, right?
                              Me: *doesn't give two flying fücks and touches his hair* So fabulous.....
                              Jason: •-•
                              Me: *is weirdly dancing around him while singing Fabulous by Pewdiepie*
xSorry_Not_InUsex xSorry_Not_InUsex Aug 29, 2017
                              Jason: why ?~
                              Me:OR I'LL BURN YOUR HAIR SO IT'S ACTUALLY F**KING RED
uni-the-unitato uni-the-unitato Jul 24, 2017
Ok no offense but if there was a guy on my couch that i didn't know i would've ran to the kitchen and get a knife °^°
winterwolf234 winterwolf234 Aug 20, 2017
me: * stares wide eyed at him* My minds telling me no~
                              Jason:* looks at me weirdly * Ummm
                              me: *crouches down* but my body~, my body's telling me yes~ * pounces on him*
                              Jason: WTF!
WhyWorryAboutMe WhyWorryAboutMe Oct 04, 2017
I don't wear jean shirts, I don't wear tank tops, and I don't wear chanclas.....And my hair is black