The girl that had ENOUGH |A reader insert Aaron love story|

The girl that had ENOUGH |A reader insert Aaron love story|

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(Y/N) (L/N) who was used, was heartbroken by many. Used for only power and riches.

    But she had enough...

After a depressing break-up, she isolated herself from the world, not wanting to deal with anymore heartbreaks. After one long month of depression, she finally got over it. She promised herself not to love anyone anymore, not wanting to go through another month of depression.
She doesn't want to make a wrong move, thus resulting having an anti-social personality.

She will never love a man like she used to again...

               Or so she thought..
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Yup... GOODBYYYYYYYEEEE!!! *Jumps out the window doing a back-flip then runs off faster than any marrathon champion* Time to talk to Jeff le killer :3
Well... I didn't think it would go THIS far in one chapter....
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