The Bad Boy Saw My Boobs

The Bad Boy Saw My Boobs

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Khairat By Oreos_Obsessed Updated Aug 15

I grabbed the end of my sweater and pulled the sweater over my head with my tank top stuck to the sweater because of the sweat.

This caused my large boobs to be revealed with a transparent bra hardly covering my boobs at all.

I put both the sweater and tank top in my locker and picked up my T-shirt from the bench beside me.

I was humming to work from home and then I twirled around facing the door.

When I did so, I let out a short high pitched scream.

Because standing in front of the door was Dallas Baxter. The school bad boy.

this_is_her this_is_her Jun 30
Lol I wonder what would've happened if he really did that!😂
Please don't ever write something about cam and him saying "nice boobs" I am dying 😂
xoxdolanz xoxdolanz Aug 07
Im so immature so if I was in that class I would have just laughed
Mariakeeler Mariakeeler Sep 05
Ugh! Don't write 'Said Dallas' but 'Dallas said' it is starting to piss me off.
--Tas-- --Tas-- Jul 21
Oh My God . This is going to be fun. 
                              Tbh, I like the plot. Also, one more thing that I liked about this book is that you didn't added useless thing.  You wrote what was actually needed. ☺