Arendelle High

Arendelle High

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Fox Puppy ^-^ By FoxPuppyrus Updated Sep 25, 2016

The school's biggest dork, Elsa, is head over heels for Anna, the head cheerleader. Will her geeky antics be enough to make the girl swoon? Or just end up making her look like the idiot her best friend Kristoff thinks she is. (This is g!p, so get away if it freaks you out. Anna and Elsa are not related in this.)

This is my second not mine story it belongs to 'YouAintGotNoPancakeMix'



  • anna
  • elsa
  • elsanna
  • frozen
  • futa
  • futanari
  • hans
  • humor
  • kristoff
  • shoujo-ai
  • yuri
Yurimage Yurimage Apr 04
"Blow up my balloon, yeah! Thats it! We're going UP! I'm cumming... In my house."
bigbywolf21 bigbywolf21 Sep 22
Hey! Batman is better than superman! Don't fight me on this you can never win!
jackrusslelover jackrusslelover Dec 05, 2016
Batman is crazy and only has stuff because he is rich, superman was never wealthy, never actually had any parents that were biologically his and still helps the planet he now calls home and doesn't go around going "I'm batman come sleep with me"
Lmao but Suspenders and bow ties are real sexy on the right person
SalazarLocket SalazarLocket Oct 02, 2016
"He's got super strength, and super speed. He can fly, and laser eyes. Go sit in the f*cking corner." - Lyle McDouchebag (Youtuber)
JinxAcolyte JinxAcolyte Dec 24, 2016
I'll be your friend!.... as long as you don't mind me being yandere psycho killer 😆 I'm really a nice girl I just have some.... issues. Lol.