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anamika__ By anamika__ Updated Mar 27

~Sequel of On Mumbai Street, can be read as a stand-alone but preferable to read after OMS~

Falling in love is a beautiful thing indeed.
But not when your childhood best friend is involved.
Soham had to learn this the hard way when he watched the girl of his dreams being whisked away by someone else.

Jennifer was not exactly a saintly girl. In fact she was far from it. After being suspended from her school, she was sent to a boarding school in Pune but after seven years, she was back in Mumbai.

But ah, the sting of first love always remains, no matter where the victim goes. And Jennifer's case was no different.

She has always been in love with Soham. Her brother's best friend. 
But things are going to change, she promised herself while getting back.

Soham hates her guts and daredevil attitude.
Jennifer hates him for just being his perfect arrogant self.

So where does the love come from?
We will see because falling in love must be beautiful but falling for the second time after knowing all its risks and pain makes it all the more beautiful.


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__queen25__ __queen25__ May 24, 2016
OMS is the best story I have ever read! So happy 😍 at last you are writing sequel ! Very excited😍😍
Twinkle_star97 Twinkle_star97 Jun 20, 2016
Ohmigod ohmigod Ohmigod
                               I love u 
                              I read OMS like eight times
                              N now I cant wait to read dis for like a dozen of tyms
Palomee Palomee Jul 13, 2016
I NEED THIS BOOK IN MY LIFE! YASSSSSS ANAMIKA YOU GO GURL! sorry I'm too excited for this :)))
Bellamatthews04 Bellamatthews04 Jul 13, 2016
Thanks for writing a sequel I am glad that u are back can't wait to get this book started
Pankss Pankss Jul 22, 2016
Yess.. Everyone is best in OMS.. And trisha! She is just exceptional! I loved it.. And finally its SOHAM!! Let me tell you.. Soham is the best character.. Loved it..
ShrimayiDutta ShrimayiDutta Jun 07, 2016
OMG!!! You are back...I keep looking for your updates, finally you are with a sequel now. It will be excitinggg! :) eagerly awaiting for it!!! Good luck..lots of <3 <3 luvvv