Jazmyn's Babysitter.ariana grande and justin bieber

Jazmyn's Babysitter.ariana grande and justin bieber

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Jaimy By ohsnapitzjaimy Updated May 30, 2014

JustinPOV: My mom walked into my room. She was all dressed in a nice black dress with sliver heels and her hair was straighten. Yep She got a date.

Pattie: Justin...Im going out tonight, the babysitter will be here any minute

Justin: Babysitter?

Pattie; Yes..I know you won't take care of Jazmyn soo i hired one.

Justin: Oh

Pattie: No parties either

Justin: what makes you think im gonna throw a party?

Pattie; Justin...I know you!

I giggled.

Justin: Alright i won't 

Pattie: Bye see you later...Love you!

Justin: love you too

She walked out and i continued playing my x-box until a couple minutes later the doorbell rang. I got up and walked out my room then made my way to the door. Jazmyn was behind me tugging my pants.

Jazmyn: is that the babysitter?

Justin: Yes Jazzy it is.

Jazmyn: YAY!

i giggled and opened the door. There stood a REALLY PRETTY red headed girl. She had on a Pink shirt with black Skinny jeans and pink converse.

Girl: Hi my name is Arianna...Im Jazmyn's baby...

OfficialJazziRaee OfficialJazziRaee Jul 11, 2014
you know it's hard to think that a celebrity's little sister has the exact same first name as me. JAZMYN