Imperfect love[boyxboy]

Imperfect love[boyxboy]

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Loup amant By OtakuLoli Completed

Ethan Miller is a bullied, lonely, antisocial high school student. His mother is constantly at work and he spends most of his day alone at home.

Zane Connor is a rough, tough, almost 99 percent of the time angry, nightmare.

What is supposed to be a normal(as normal as it can get, doing it with your bulies best friend) history project, turns out into something that will cange both Zane and Ethan...

The peace that only Ethan can give to Zane and the healing that only Zane can give to Ethan are the foundation of the unusual relationship of these two...
What starts out as a deal turns out in a painfull need and what starts out as hate turns out into sometning much, much more...

NOTE: This is the first book of a series, you can find the rest on my profile!

Blue-ice- Blue-ice- Sep 06
                              I'm sorry if you don't know who Eminem is.
CharLok CharLok Oct 20
Must I say that antisocial and asocial  are different things?
                              Oh and I'm also that asocial, shy and withdrawn nerd.
                              Only that everyone knows me because I'm like the only Chinese female in like, the the three years before and after.
"It's best not to question the psychotic ones" my best friends to me everyday!!
OK... Why don't you chill you balls!
                              Cut your balls off and put them in dry ice. For real 😬😬😬😒😒😒
AnRur87 AnRur87 Oct 13
Luck: "Okay, goodbye Ethan! I won't miss you (✌°_°)💗"
Blue-ice- Blue-ice- Sep 06
Did he register his hands? If he did then, he go to jail for hitting someone,  because his hands are considered a weapon.