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nothing like us. | loucel stylinson.

nothing like us. | loucel stylinson.

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nadine By carsunderwater Completed

❝ nerd [noun] ;
a person who does not conform to society's beliefs that all people should follow trends and do what their peers do. ❝

Marcel Styles is a nerd, that is something that is out of question. He gets picked on because of the way he dresses, the way he talks, basically for being himself, but Marcel is content about himself, but there's one person who can weaken his knees - Louis Tomlinson, the captain of the school's football team and the exact opposite to Marcel. 

Unfortunely, Louis is one of Marcel's bullies, along with Zayn Malik, the most shameless guy one could meet in the entire UK, but it doesn't affect the way Marcel feels about Louis.

But what happens if a bet changes both lives forever, for better or for worse? And what happens if everything goes wrong, yet so right?

[ currently unedited ]

gemmlofficial gemmlofficial Sep 29, 2016
No there will awesome and haor is the bad boy ♥♥💘💟♥
Elicya_Nx Elicya_Nx 19 hours ago
Is this teacher stupid or does she not care this pisses me off soo much
catlover_117 catlover_117 Aug 20, 2016
Great now I am going to want to ship Larry but I just have to remember marcel is Harry
gemmlofficial gemmlofficial Sep 29, 2016
Why do nerds were glasses It just says that they can't see that good
BITCH NERD AND GEEK ARE DIFFERENT GET IT RIGHT *slaps person who said it* *tosses hair sassily and sashays away*
-_-kaneki_ken-_- -_-kaneki_ken-_- Dec 20, 2016
;-; bring him over here to me someone needs to give that child some love