Baby Mama's

Baby Mama's

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Sugar Mama 
The College Professor 
Read those before you read this.

Dre now has responsibilities to do now. Having Simone in one ear and Ayissha in the other, While Dre is trying his best to be a good father more drama comes his way.

Soon as Ayissha gets out of jail he has to deal with her. Little does he know Ayissha still got that love for him but at the end of the day it's up to Dre on what he's going to do.

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QueenzJ QueenzJ May 21, 2016
YESSSS!! Ayissah is OUT.
                              Smutty(Simone) yo AZZ need to give it up Dre don't want u anymore, get over it. So cause Dre won't get back with u u gonna be Petty Wap & Salty & not let him help name the baby girl?? 
                              Peace. One Love. J.
QueenzJ QueenzJ May 21, 2016
Well Dre is keeping his word on helping Smutty(Simone) & the baby girl. 
                              Ja'La changed her major to maybe Nursing?
                              Dre u better not be trying to get with Ja'La? U got a lot on yo plate, it's FULL. 
                              Peace. One. Love. J.
XOXOCecii XOXOCecii May 20, 2016
This getting Simone better focus on the baby stop worrying about dre and lala talking and flirting 
                              Also Ik all three of the women having feeling for dre I mean come on look how sexy he is 😍
QueenzJ QueenzJ May 21, 2016
I hate that term Baby Mama to me it's so Disrespectful....she has a name so use it. 
                              QueenzJ Words of Wisdom. 
                              Peace. One Love. J.
Dimple717 Dimple717 May 31, 2016
I'm still wondering wat happened at the party a year before she met dre
XOXOCecii XOXOCecii May 19, 2016
Aww I see everyone doing good and I feel ja,la and dre gone have sex or become a couple or something 
                              They flirting with each other
                              And aww him and Simone having a baby girl 
                              I want know what him and asslyah having more drama coming I feel it