Hauntingly Beautiful

Hauntingly Beautiful

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PrincessElleA By princessellea Updated Nov 08, 2017

A story about an adopted girl who wishes nothing more than a peaceful life, a warm home and a happy mind.

*Characters are based from the Ghost Bird series by CL Stone. Story will differ mostly on Sang's family life. There will be OCs I'll be adding to the story as it progress.

**special thanks to skyepanda1 for making another wonderful cover for my story ;)
And to my wonderful beta a_force_of_nature, you really are a force of nature. Thank you for all the hardwork.

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9CorazonesOcultos 9CorazonesOcultos Aug 03, 2017
I'm back for a reread, hopefully I'll get another update soon!
Schneblie Schneblie Aug 20, 2017
He doesn't wanna wear the right size pants in fear that someone will notice how small his package really is. Ugh. Greg. 😒🖕
9CorazonesOcultos 9CorazonesOcultos Aug 03, 2017
Random Fangirl(totally not me at all); My Luke senses are tingling, he must be near!
LuxshanaLohanathan LuxshanaLohanathan Nov 22, 2016
Don't think I am crazy but you said a couple of comments won't hurt you. So I hope another one will not hurt you too.
NeverSt0pReading NeverSt0pReading Sep 25, 2016
I can't put my fists away. How am I going to punch Greg in his stupid face if I put them down?
NeverSt0pReading NeverSt0pReading Sep 25, 2016
Do it Gabe and Doc will be completely jealous that you're sitting with his future Mrs. Green 😁