Chara x reader| Erase them all but you

Chara x reader| Erase them all but you

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Chara_Dreemurr By Chara_Dreamurr Completed

*You click the seemingly harmless Chara x Reader.
*You realize it's written by Chara.
*You try to go back to find another story.

Since when were you the one in control?

*You realize you have no other choice, but to read the story.

*after reading what was posted you realize that this story is just written when the author feels like it.

*you add it to your library anyway.

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- - Jul 30
*You bleeding but still having hope to find your friend fills you with
Kitty_Frisk Kitty_Frisk Aug 10
Jeezus. Now Sans is gonna see us holding the knife and think WE killed everyone. Great thinking, me.
Instead of me being filled with determination im filled with detol
TwatTwirl TwatTwirl 3 days ago
This reminds me of that one episode from Clarence.
                              "Clarence! Stop ignoring me! This isn't funny anymore!"
Lunar-Freak Lunar-Freak Oct 05
More like Snowdead!Haha get it?no?OK I'll stop now*goes to emo corner*
UndertaleLover262 UndertaleLover262 5 days ago
Despite being injured, you press on. You are filled with DETERMINATION.