Chara x reader| Erase them all but you

Chara x reader| Erase them all but you

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Chara_Dreemurr By Chara_Dreamurr Completed

*You click the seemingly harmless Chara x Reader.
*You realize it's written by Chara.
*You try to go back to find another story.

Since when were you the one in control?

*You realize you have no other choice, but to read the story.

*after reading what was posted you realize that this story is just written when the author feels like it.

*you add it to your library anyway.

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*thoughtfully planned out story* (1 comment)
                              *"boo"* ( 135 comments)
teco_mango teco_mango Mar 17
all i do is call them once then leave but if its my friend ace ten ill search EVERYWHERE...he still owes me my five dollars
Brokenloyalty Brokenloyalty Nov 11, 2017
Friend: BOO!
                              Me: *turns around and punches them in the face* BOI
GalaxyEater7 GalaxyEater7 Nov 26, 2017
Its dry hot and random were im at so im fine wait oh no i spilt water on my self dam you plot conenience
Heyitsfoxy Heyitsfoxy Jan 05
*boo*  A.   A.    A.    A.         A.      A.            A. 
                              *dramaticly falls*
HopeTehHuman HopeTehHuman Nov 25, 2017
This is how to irritate me because even if I try not to care. I'll start to worry then eventually get up to find them.