Little boy....Blue  (maleXmale)  *Complete*

Little boy....Blue (maleXmale) *Complete*

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RAMartz By RAMartz Updated Jul 22, 2016

Vampires and Werewolves don't normally get along and typically avoid each other, Vampires avoid everyone only live with other Vampires. True they do need blood to survive and have humans and other humanoids that donate to them. One day the Dragon King his life companion and their  youngest son Blue comes to visit the Vampire Coven. Where Blue meets Thayer the eldest son of the Coven. Blue knows right away they are meant to be together but Thayer doesn't want to believe it. As a matter of fact he was taught that vampires can only be with vampires and only men and women two men or two women is wrong. He even questions how can he be with a DragonWolf even more a male..then she comes into their lives.

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AnimeFreakX AnimeFreakX Mar 16, 2017
And why does the dude in the picture look so much like Yuki from Fruits basket.
AnimeFreakX AnimeFreakX Mar 16, 2017
BlackStar and SilverStar from Soul Eater would be disappointed. Then there's the Red Star plant. I'm pretty sure picking a color and adding star at the end is now a trend.
jakrispy566 jakrispy566 Jul 14, 2017
Hey if anybody reads this please message me and give me some ideas for A: my first YouTube video or B: a book for me to write , it would help me out
Dizie1 Dizie1 Apr 23
In the case of 25 yr old dragons..... Mates have cooties.....
GillanRoseCoburn GillanRoseCoburn Nov 14, 2017
"The couch is a pull out the bedroom"? What? Is the couch a bedroom ?
TheAstronautDragon TheAstronautDragon May 30, 2016
I am sorry but in almost all situations I am the dragon. I don't really care about much