Just A Dream (Klaus Mikaelson)

Just A Dream (Klaus Mikaelson)

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Before the Originals were created, a family came from far away land stumbled upon a little village which was now present day Mystic Falls. The lonely undiscovered werewolf Niklaus catches to the beauty of the new girl, Rosanella. 

They thought they had everything until Klaus's youngest sibling got mauled by a werewolf. Despite Mikael and Ester's selfishness to save their children, thus the very breed of vampires was born. Without Rosanella's knowledge of having that spell cast upon her, Mikael plunged his sword into her heart only leaving Klaus find her dead and heartbroken. 

1000 years later, the Original Family came to Mystic Falls for the human doppelgänger in order to broke the sun and moon curse. Rosanella- Rosalie the sixth Original had come from Italy to visit the supernatural town of Mystic Falls. Not only did she know that one day she would reunite with her notorious old lover... 



The Vampire Diaries/ season 3
The Originals

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LanLaguna LanLaguna Nov 27, 2017
👀? It's either i've read this story before or i'm mistaken.
gerardopoly_ gerardopoly_ Feb 15, 2017
All the tvd fanfics I read that starts off with someone returning to mystic falls, they always go to the bar first and talk to Matt and ask where the Salvatore's are