The Gangleader's Girl (SLOW UPDATE)

The Gangleader's Girl (SLOW UPDATE)

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Mani ❤️ By young_bambi Updated Sep 05

"I was feeling afraid, not only for my life but for the ones I have just put in danger. 

I felt like I lost a chance at friendship, at love, at freedom..."

In which a boy with a wild history, and girl with a twisted past find each other in the mist of craziness and chaos.

RDoglover RDoglover Jul 18
I live in the former capital of Arizona. (Hit: there has only ever been one capital other than the current one. It's also the only other city that you are guaranteed to see on a US map
- - Mar 12
Of course its 6.30 I'm pretty sure you set your alarm at that time...😂😂😂
I don't want to hear you complain I have to wake up at 5 to be able to catch the bus where I live
annikanaaaa annikanaaaa Apr 21
well hell she judges very quickly I'd hate to be her friend lmao
-DoodleBoo- -DoodleBoo- Jul 24, 2016
Uuuhhuuuuu I totally love this storyy!!!!!!! It's just too good!!!!😍😍😍😍