Phoenix (The Flash - Book 1)

Phoenix (The Flash - Book 1)

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Zoe Sparks never believed in the impossible . . . until an accident made her the impossible.

The night the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator exploded, Zoe had a car accident that should have killed her. But she survived. Nine months later, she wakes up from a coma and discovers that the accident changed her. She is now a metahuman and she isn't the only one . . .

Zoe meets Barry Allen, a.k.a. The Flash, Caitlin Snow, Cisco Ramon and Dr. Harrison Wells. Together, they work as a team to find other metahumans and protect Central City.

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GlisteningGhouls GlisteningGhouls Jun 21, 2017
Isn't it ironic that they both have same spelling of their names ._.?
Everyone is like "Lucifer!!" And I'm here like "Jeikiah" from the Tomorrow People...
Magnus007 Magnus007 Nov 17, 2017
I gotta say, really good story did far and Sparks has the devil for a father and a mother with the power of ice or a  split personality with super strength. But still, awesome story!
aisdf0909 aisdf0909 Oct 01, 2017
I read that as 'Cinnamon roll' and w as like 'damn straight'
Run Barry Run! lol. I just rewatched this episode because I was bored.
Claire from Resident Evil and Final Destination, such a great and awesome actress. 😀👌