Fun Writing Contests

Fun Writing Contests

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Skye Taylor By Skyizblue Updated 3 days ago

Enter at your own risk!

Fun levels increase greatly within. If you have high boring levels, dull heart syndrome, are pregnant with dread and/or hate , or are sensitive to good old fashioned fun, please do not take part in these contests.

Thank You.

Cover by the fabulous @martaxsofia

Okay so it can be about anything? And the WHOLE story has to be within 500-3000 words?
TabbyMax TabbyMax May 28
So basically a short story w/o genre restrictions with a PG 13 rating? (Just so we're clear. I don't want to break them rules.)
Or crazelettes... Wait no... Now we sound like omelettes. Nevermind.
Sounds like a plan! Just let me know when the contest starts :)
What part are you joking about? The not being able to handle thing…or the virgin brain?
                              *cough* Sorry. Weird questions.
@PsychoCookieMonsta  because I love your work and I don't know maybe you might want to try a writing contest. I know I do.