Their Love (MxBxM)  **under heavy construction**

Their Love (MxBxM) **under heavy construction**

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"Me" By RoEndra Updated Sep 25

  Being a runt is frowned upon. Being a runt and the son of a whore is even worse. Being a runt, the son of a whore and not knowing who that whore is...that's just pathetic. 
  Blair is sweet. He's kind and caring, and yet the bruises that cover his frail body might make you think otherwise. Why else would someone want to harm sweet little Blair? 
  In the Shadow Pack there are many things that makes someone strong, someone worthy  of proper attention and care. You must be tall; Blair isn't. You must have muscles; Blair doesn't. 
  Being beaten, starved, and punished for every wrong move he makes it's no wonder why Blair is the way he is. It's no wonder Blair would need as much protection as he does. 
  Ps. This story may contain sexual content with a minor. This story is MxBxM. (25x16x23) 
  *I know. Boo right? Haha...I've never actually written a description before so I guess this is at least okay. Also sorry if any punctuations are misplaced (: *

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I'm laughing in pain right now and I'm also crying because this little bitch is trying me . She think that she could hurt my baby like that. Lord help me
First word, Cliché and I laugh but it's great that it made me laugh and description is better then mine
My heart already ache for Blair. I know I'm going to be crying before even starting to read the book
FanFQueen FanFQueen Jan 20
Lol this is like the only bxbxb or you know bob werewolf story that's actually completed and has more than 5 chapters.
elmalian elmalian Jan 12
You really should edit it to aura cause it sounds like the alpha just finished cooking something 😁😁
jjlovebug123 jjlovebug123 Nov 22, 2016
I'm already attached to Blair. He's my lil bean! He's just a smol lil bean and I love him so much.