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Mercenary ✇ Ryden

Mercenary ✇ Ryden

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☹ By jennahbz Updated Mar 17

"I've been hired to kill him. You see, Ryan is not the only man in the drug business. And when you cross someone bigger and better than you, people like me are hired to kill you. They call me Scion, which means descendant of  a notable family, not to be confused with the car company that makes those ugly box cars. My real name though? Brendon Urie. When I say 'they', I mean every goddamn rich criminal who has beef with someone. I'm a mercenary. And the definition of mercenary is, according to the lovely Oxford dictionary, a person primarily concerned with making money at the expense of ethics. Also not to be confused with a Hitman or an assassin. I'm not a part of the mafia or over here killing the president or anything. Basically, to put it bluntly for you, I get paid to kill people. And you know the twisted part? I love what I do."

kennalmao kennalmao 3 days ago
ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL YOURSELF RYAN? combining substances is extremely dangerous smh
squishjish squishjish 7 days ago
TBH when I moved away from my old house in third grade u think I left my innocence there
kennalmao kennalmao 3 days ago
that can cause chronic nosebleeds and permanent damage to your nasal cavities . tsk tsk ryan
On Valentine's Day my friend snorted fun dip, using money as a straw, on a dare
I don't know what wrong with me I'm literally imagining a party in Brendon's head and it's hilarious