rock my head ✧ meanie

rock my head ✧ meanie

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jeon wonwoo is very awkward, very emo and very gay.

kim mingyu is very tall, very attractive and very out of wonwoo's league.

honestly it would be a 'notice me senpai' deal except wonwoo is not japanese and mingyu isn't even older than him.

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No entiendo ni un chingo de palabras y asi me quieren mandar a USA... really mama?!?!? rEALLY?!!!
BtSGOt7lIfE BtSGOt7lIfE Apr 06
Wonwoo's brain : yeasss yesss yassss my dream has come true ****************************************** ******* **** *********** ********* **** ***** ******** ** 
                              lol sorry
HaosHoe HaosHoe Apr 06
we had to draw apples once too, also im a loner in art class. my friend isn't there ;-;
Same, but tbh the make-up artist did use more dramatic make-up on him and it kinda made him look like a girl
Smart_Baka Smart_Baka 16 hours ago
Wonwoo I’ll be your friend... and you probably be the only friend I will ever have :’)
JoMaybe8 JoMaybe8 5 days ago
Wow that was a better explanation than my teacher gave us...