My Husband's Lover

My Husband's Lover

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M. N. Shane By nmoico Completed

"I will never love you, Amy. We were forced upon each other but I will never love you" Jace said, coldly. 

Amy Smith was forced to marry the player Jace Johnson. And she was hiding a deep secret from him, a secret that she didn't want him to know. She was in love with him, the moment she laid her eyes on him since they were little. 

Will he ever love her? Or despise her?

sendaaay_01 sendaaay_01 Nov 02, 2016
Okay this is my 4th time reading and I still love this book❤
KristinaPierre3 KristinaPierre3 Oct 06, 2016
That 's not a good relationship that parents suppose to have with their daughter or son for that matter at  all.
KeyAra_uwotm8 KeyAra_uwotm8 Aug 08, 2016
No offense to your editor but there are a few very noticeable errors and does need more editing. Otherwise for a first chapter it's very well done 😄
v__nikolaou v__nikolaou Aug 20, 2016
I love this song, thank you Lea Michele and Mark Salling for that!! 💗
alysa3012 alysa3012 Jan 07
Omg I'm so stupid I thought lusciouschocolate was a whole word and I was like holy shiz I didn't even know that was a word😱😂
BlackandBeautiful0 BlackandBeautiful0 Aug 17, 2016
Cause it is wrong. Why the fudge would you sell your own child?