Summer Camp | Phan  ❤

Summer Camp | Phan ❤

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Dan is forced into going to a summer camp in the country side of Britain, his mother feels Dan is irresponsible, and would only be getting drunk and fucking about if he stayed at home. 
WRITTEN 2013. (I have since, gone through and attempted to improve on it).

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My brothers name is Jake and he’s a bulky built 6’3 20 year old with a deep voice so I picture this as him and I can’t stop laughing imagining him screaming food in a girlish voice
jenaed jenaed 5 days ago
when i first heard the song i thought it was 'i timed in' 😂
Okay so there's Jake from State Farm, Sam Winchester (where tf is Dean ???), And Phil Lester. I'd be all good with that cabin tbh lmao
unhappyy- unhappyy- Sep 11
lmao why do people care, it's YOUR story you can do whatever the hell you want to put
alonelyphan alonelyphan 5 days ago
                              P o u n c e d
I was really confused for a moment until I remembered that "chips" in England are french fries in 'murica