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Living With Super Heros (Avengers x Reader)

Living With Super Heros (Avengers x Reader)

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joejoe16 By joejoe16 Updated Feb 13

This story is about (y/n) a girl who is living with her uncle and Aunt on their ranch. She is treated as a slave and if she is disobedient she is abused. She has no friends and her uncle and aunt home school her so she doesn't have any ways to male friends. One day when (y/n) is doing her daily chores her aunt tells her to bring a horse to the front of the barn for a man to look at. What (y/n) doesn't know is that man will save her from her prison and (y/n) will learn what having a real family is like.

I do NOT own the characters marvel does.
hope you like it.

Tiger2627 Tiger2627 2 days ago
He actually drove the speed Tony wow....* slow handclap* he finally grew up!!! Yay!!!
kosmickreator kosmickreator a day ago
A apple a day keeps the doctor away but if the doctors cute SCREW THE FRUIT
I'm guessing you have experience with horses considering your knowledge
BigTimeRush1034 BigTimeRush1034 6 days ago
                              HERE COMES THE MONEEYYY
                              DOLLOR DOLLOR