Unzipping His Pants(yaoi/bromance/m2m/boyxboy)

Unzipping His Pants(yaoi/bromance/m2m/boyxboy)

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GlEn JaviEr By 51stSHADEofGREY Updated Nov 08, 2013


Normal na araw lang dapat para kay Japs ang araw na iyon pero it turned out  to be anything but normal.Dahil sa araw iyon natagpuan niya ang isang estranghero,lying on the streets almost seemed lifeless.He took him home only to find out that he was more broken inside than he is physically.Nahulog ang loob ni Japs pero alam niyang hindi iyon masusuklian,dahil hindi naniniwala sa pag ibig si Itos at higit sa lahat,he's STRAIGHT.

And just when things seems to be working in his favor,the ugly truths kept pouring in.Will he hold on to his love?or will he let go because its the right thing to do??


This story contains SOME sexually explicit content(VERBALLY,no pics,vids and other forms) involving two male characters.And also this may also(not so sure yet) have a provocative,eyebrow raising,socially unacceptable and probably taboo content on the latter part of the story,which I cannot  tell yet because it will ruin the plot.

So if in any ways you find t...

  • boyxboy
  • bromance
  • m2m
  • yaoi
Marloweadriane Marloweadriane Jul 31, 2017
Wooh. Tawa ako ng tawa dahil sa  "Heaven here i come". Haahahah. Please keep on updating po ah. Hahah love it much
rasdee11 rasdee11 Mar 26, 2017
I didn't r3ad it. Na click ko lang. I want to read the story.
Marloweadriane Marloweadriane Jul 31, 2017
Author tapusin mo po roh ah. You can always see me in eery cjapters that you make. Thanks
arijhandre arijhandre Sep 08, 2017
Oh my geed...ganda ng story pero bitin!!hahaha but ezokay..haha plzz more chapter..i cant wait
JohnLoydSalem JohnLoydSalem Jul 09, 2017
natatawa ako sa scene sa jeep  😂😂 heaven here i come..like it :)
mathewstr_01 mathewstr_01 Apr 25, 2016
lupa bumuka ka at kainin ang.author na to! =D did he say heaven here I come habang naglalaway?