Madly in love. [ Frisk x Sans ] [ON HOLD]

Madly in love. [ Frisk x Sans ] [ON HOLD]

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candy latte By deadlyllamas Updated Jul 09

Frisk moved to Sans and Papyrus's House. because Toriel was so busy. 

Sans feels so different about Frisk.

Because Frisk is sleeping in his room. 

He blushed everytime when he looks at Frisk.

Looks closer.

Sans is madly in love.


Well, i'm sorry if my english language is bad, it's because i'm not an english person,ok?

hillymine hillymine Dec 01
I'm not someone to judge but...why in almost every sans x frisk (or any fan fiction honestly) it has to be truth or dare <(*^*)>
Kano:I thought only demon don't understand love
                              Kanna:there skeleton!
                              dirty thought:you never get rid o me*laugh evil*
                              Me:damn yoi
blazerrub blazerrub Nov 02
If u need someone to help with the english, I can send u corrections of certain lines
That is love Sans and no not LOVE but love k? Alsooo~ 
                              I am in lo-o-o-o-ove lo-o-o-o-ove lo-o-o-o-ove
                              Did this before I the coments and yes it is a stronger than you parody