The 13 Day Trial

The 13 Day Trial

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The Ladyblog By TheLadyblog Updated Jun 02, 2016

In this world, magic has always made everything interesting.  Not everyone has the skill and talent, that's for sure, and of course not everyone is an expert at it, but to all Wizards, Wizardesses and magic users, getting accepted to one of the most prestige school of magic, Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy, is a huge stepping stone towards their dreams and goals!

Meet Marinette Dupain-Cheng, a normal girl living in a town where magic is forbidden.  Rumor has it that all traces of magic has been removed, well rumors aren't true most of the time. With that said, Marinette is dead set on removing the magic ban in their town. Once the Magic Letter of Acceptance came, she immediately knew that this was her chance.

Now, meet Adrien Agreste, a wizard at Gedonelune Academy.  He comes from a town where magic is an extreme must, and according to his father, useless magicians gets banned from there. Of course, to expand Adrien's knowledge, his father made him go to that school. But let's  be honest, Adrien just wants to have fun with his magical capabilities, too bad he can't. He's assigned to help a newcomer, but little did he know that she will change his life.

Disclaimer: We, @TheLadyblog, do not own Miraculous Ladybug. All credits goes to Zagtoon and all the companies that joined in the making.

This story is inspired by the game Wizardess Heart by NTT Solmare corp. We also do not own it, all we own is the plot.

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Story by @Clawstropawbic [MJ]

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RDoglover RDoglover Mar 18, 2017
THAT PICTURE!!! THE CHAPTER TITLE!!!! THE REFERENCES!!! You are the best mlb fanfic author I've read. Even the author that used Harry Potter references couldn't match up (they barely mentioned it and it was only in one chapter) and I am obsessed with the world of Harry Potter beyond compare!!!
demigodr4ever demigodr4ever Apr 27, 2017
Ok if I were on that town. I would save up and move someone far away that allows magic!
lovix_club lovix_club Mar 26
I'm in love with the game and the characters, especially Joel. I also sore Miraculous so a crossover is awesome.
demigodr4ever demigodr4ever Apr 27, 2017
If u somehow did, I need to do that so I can escape my.mum
BlueDimond201 BlueDimond201 3 days ago
Did you punch him iver and ober till he passed out? Or did you put laxatives and his tea and hit the toilet paper? Or did you just stab him?
demigodr4ever demigodr4ever Apr 27, 2017
If they don't see u after 13 days, it means ur in if not........Ok, maybe let's not go there