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Yoonhosemin By xDarkClovds Updated 6 days ago

Everywhere I turn, I'm surrounded by the darkness; either I blend in or I don't. I can feel the coldness, emptiness, not knowing where to turn; all of it. 6 months ago, life was soo easy, until I was trapped. I was trapped inside and the darkness swallowed me whole. I miss my bed, and mates but most importantly the one person that raised me, my Halmoni.  

I wonder if I'll ever see the day of light again or is this it? The monsters here are real cruel, too cruel at times. Am I trapped here for eternity? Maybe there's a way out, possibly; I wouldn't know, because every-time I run it's always something pulling me back. 

Will I get out in-time? 
Do I know?
Do you ?

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cupcake512 cupcake512 Jul 23, 2016
Freaking stupid self. Call the police or tell her what's happening
ravsisrekt ravsisrekt May 18, 2016
Lmao, he was probably telling her to wait cause she dropped her wallet or something 😂
Hyo-Jin_97 Hyo-Jin_97 Jun 08, 2016
I ran , my legs on fire  😂 I can hear a run/fire mashup 😁
ravsisrekt ravsisrekt May 21, 2016
FAM! FAM HOLD UP! IF I GOT A CHANCE TO CALL MY GRANDMA ID BE TELLING HER EVERYTHING, "ayo grams I've been kidnapped, I don't know why, I was on this street and five fvckers picked me up help"
Jin-Balls Jin-Balls Sep 20, 2016
Bts being creeps. 
                              Fuuck on. Keep doing what you doing. I like it. 😏😬
ravsisrekt ravsisrekt May 18, 2016
Wtf she do? Let her go or IMMA punch an face so hard ! Fam are those the boys? Omg why they kidnapping people djsbdsbksbsskka what rjdjnsns