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Yoonhosemin By xDarkClovds Updated Jan 17

Everywhere I turn, I'm surrounded by the darkness; either I blend in or I don't. I can feel the coldness, emptiness, not knowing where to turn; all of it. 6 months ago, life was soo easy, until I was trapped. I was trapped inside and the darkness swallowed me whole. I miss my bed, and mates but most importantly the one person that raised me, my Halmoni.  

I wonder if I'll ever see the day of light again or is this it? The monsters here are real cruel, too cruel at times. Am I trapped here for eternity? Maybe there's a way out, possibly; I wouldn't know, because every-time I run it's always something pulling me back. 

Will I get out in-time? 
Do I know?
Do you ?

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cupcake512 cupcake512 Jul 23, 2016
Freaking stupid self. Call the police or tell her what's happening
Hyo-Jin_97 Hyo-Jin_97 Jun 08, 2016
I ran , my legs on fire  😂 I can hear a run/fire mashup 😁
ravsisrekt ravsisrekt May 21, 2016
FAM! FAM HOLD UP! IF I GOT A CHANCE TO CALL MY GRANDMA ID BE TELLING HER EVERYTHING, "ayo grams I've been kidnapped, I don't know why, I was on this street and five fvckers picked me up help"
Jin-Balls Jin-Balls Sep 20, 2016
Bts being creeps. 
                              Fuuck on. Keep doing what you doing. I like it. 😏😬
YixingsNumber1Gurl YixingsNumber1Gurl Nov 27, 2016
I honestly thought it was jimin and then it sed tall and I felt like an idiot
This is me though like fr but the busan stuff is wrong i came from seoul ~