The Start of Something New (An Amourshipping Story)

The Start of Something New (An Amourshipping Story)

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Amourshipper501 By Amourshipper501 Updated Jul 30

A 16 year old boy named Ash Ketchum just found out he was transferring to a new school in the Kalos Region. What will he think about this new school? What new friends will he make? What new rivals will he face? Will he hate it there or will it be the best decision his mom has ever made?

Thank you so much to XxWhiteYvonnexX for making this awesome cover for me! Please show her some love by checking out her books. 

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters nor the Pokemon from the story.

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Oh god please, no cringe things like "U" and "2morrow" lazy kids deez days can't even afford to type words
All I can think about now is the high school musical song and I can't stop singing it either
Ppl dez days can't type 4 their lives lol Idk why tf I'm type now coz I have skool 2moz and I don't wanna wake up late and not be there early 2 talk 2 my friend aka da squad fam
                              Me: WHAT THE FRICK?????
                              Everyone else:I know right!?
Pokelol123 Pokelol123 Oct 07, 2016
OH NO I FORFOT TO ASK WHY WAS BROCKS EYES ARE CLOSED. Oh man now no one would know the answer
_Cami_2003 _Cami_2003 Dec 25, 2016
In the beginning... there was what is known as, the Big Bang