Kawaii~Chan And Zane(Zane Chan Fanfic)[] Complete []

Kawaii~Chan And Zane(Zane Chan Fanfic)[] Complete []

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Mina jjang By Dusk_Light Updated Nov 08, 2017

Kawaii chan and zane such opposites yet came together to build friendships.
Does kawaii chan make any shipping shrine of him or her...or maybe both.

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Author gave up on this book on this day, 12.7.17 

Lel i dare you to read it. No pressure but read it :)

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KawaiiButPsychoCat KawaiiButPsychoCat Dec 06, 2017
I read this awhile ago and thought "HA! KAWAII~CHAN WOULD NEVER LIE ABOUT HER NAME!" And the next day, the ep Kawaii~Chan's secret came out... And the very thing Kawaii~Chan said, was "I started to call myself 'Kawaii~Chan'" 
                              ...YOU WERE RIGHT, YOU CAN PREDICT THE FUTURE, BOW TO YOU! :3
AuroraEuphoria2003 AuroraEuphoria2003 Jul 01, 2017
Ummm it's 'Nauna'..not 'Andriean' sowwy to point that out ;-;
Aphmauslittlezuzu Aphmauslittlezuzu Nov 03, 2017
I'm offended shipping Zane chan isn't weird I have a photo album full of Zane chan pics and I'm not ashamed
Queen_Mimi20 Queen_Mimi20 Apr 26, 2017
not really  your weird u seem cool shipping them and whoever ship them as well then they cool too
CakeCleaner CakeCleaner Jul 09, 2016
Nah u r not weird
                              Probably a lot of people ship it now because of love love paradise MyStreet S2 ep 11 came out :3
                              Kawaii~Chan and Zane was so adorable together in that ep x3
HonestlyImConfused HonestlyImConfused Aug 25, 2016
                              MEH SHIP. 
                              WILL HAPPEN. 
                              (Yeah I'm the weird one)