Seme! Male! Reader x Character Oneshots

Seme! Male! Reader x Character Oneshots

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yikes By ArsenicCat27 Updated Feb 01

Seme Male Reader x Character One Shots because I'm fucking tired of a majority of x male reader lemons and fanfics having the reader as the Uke (Bottom). 

I apologize, but not everyone who reads x male reader lemons appreciates getting fucked in the ass and crying all the time. 

I'm salty. 

Anyway, feel free to suggest whatever character you would like to see your dick in, I'll try to do it but I'm lazy as shit. 

I'll do lemons and fluff, I don't care. 

Let me satisfy your horny needs without sending you nudes because I'm clearly a child of god.

YoungKillers YoungKillers Aug 19, 2016
You should do Levi from Attack on Titan, that would be brilliant considering he's small and hot af. 🙄😏
That pictures reminds me of Halloween when a clown chased me down a creepy street with barely any light holding a bat like that..
Lincon_Rhyme_Lives Lincon_Rhyme_Lives Dec 02, 2016
then did we skip a couple millennia? 'cause there's a lot of that.
MulanaTheDestoyer MulanaTheDestoyer Dec 30, 2016
Imagine what would have happened if Al just farted and bailed
sadly_Yammish sadly_Yammish Dec 29, 2016
Honestly I have have three smuts I keep around causes their so good and two are in this book