NATSU X READER  mating season LEMON

NATSU X READER mating season LEMON

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This is all about lemon so 
lEMON COMING so I hope you enjoy btw this is my first lemon so hope you like it

    MiyukiTori MiyukiTori Jul 22
                                  I AM YOUR CARETAKER, I GIVE YOU FOOD, I SHELTER YOU,
                                  YOU DONT TALK TO ME LIKE THAT
    Pffft, no no! Just went to get some fresh air.
                                  *nervously chuckledj
    I must be hot then😏 
                                  Jkjkjk I'm not pretty at all😂😂😂😂😂
    MiyukiTori MiyukiTori Jul 22
    *puts on some Vanilla gingerbread perfume*
                                  It's for him to smell
    I'll change it to a black Panic! At The Disco top black jeans a Twenty One Pilots jacket with black converse plz no jazzy stuff especially those death machine people called high heels
    Heels... So we meet again 
                                  I still remember when you left a black line on the school floor when you made me fall and do a split but.... 
                                  THIS TIME I WILL CONQUER YOU