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Jenna and her little sister Rowan are searching for a new pack, a new family to take care of them, but what happens when her last chance is the last thing she'd pick. Jenna has to decide between a life under Conan's thumb or homelessness.
    "I do not belong to you" I growled, my voice was animalistic and gruttal as my body fought against my calm façade. I was seething, desperate to break free and let my emotions run.
    Conan laughed, it bellowed from his chest as he swung his head back and gave me full view of his now vulnerable neck. I almost went for him, almost.
    He strolled closer, circling me with a predatory lithe.
    "You think I won't take what's mine?" His hot breathe blew in my ear. I angled away from him, my jaw tense, my body shuddering as I supressed the urge to turn.
    "You'll do everything I say Jenna or you'll find life here very unpleasant"
This a great first chapter I can't wait to read the rest of the story
Theo seems nice. I like him. Sad that Jenna had to take care of her sister alone.
When I was reading it, I can't help but feel pity towards them.
                                    btw, I like the story a lot. I was glad they met Theo. He's really kind.
Do your werewolves cry blood? Cool. I like your story it's well written and interesting :D Voted and added to my library! Good job!
I really like this. I wasn't sure at first but I will definately tell people about it. You bring out some great emotions in your writing so far
Absolute amazing start! I'm already hooked!!  And I just love the cover, very beautiful!! :)