blunt life ❦  me

blunt life ❦ me

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- - Sep 09, 2016
I'm going to spam you now bc imy and health class homework can wait
tereselovlien tereselovlien May 18, 2016
As long as you're okay and back, that's all that matters love 😭😭
It's been a long time~ because you are one of my favorite authors, I really missed you ❤️ I am glad you are back *^* and I hope u didn't miss any of the new vkook moments that came out recently!
babyboy_jimochi babyboy_jimochi Aug 14, 2016
It just shows how dedicated he is for his music and fans. But I just hope he understands that the no.1 thing his fans want is for him to be healthy. #feedyoongi2k16