My Bestfriend's Cousin

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Eleanor Jane Calder. Cousin of Harry Styles. 17 years old. Average girl. AKA The New Girl. Beautiful curly long brown hair. 
    What happens when she moves to Doncaster and goes to High School. She meets Louis Tomlinson. 17 years old. Football player. Popular boy. Hottest boy at High School. Light brown hair sea green eyes loves carrots. Blue striped shirt and red pants are his "trademark" .They start off with a perfect relationship. What happens when Louis decides to try out for X-Factor? Will Eleanor be able to deal with the long distance relationship? Will she be able to put up with all the hate when Louis gets famous? Read on for the happiness, heartbreaking, story of Elounor
Haha , liking it so far c; 
                                    -I LOVE how you put Harry with Jade (: I read a story like tht before , and I'm liking it :D aha
I'm gon' start to read this :D c: >.< cx 
                                    -I ship Elounor c; of coarse , tht's why I'm reading this , cx , I can't find many Elounor books >.< 
                                    Sooo yea , haha , let me start reading c: