bbs || smut book

bbs || smut book

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my rivival By thepandaispurple Updated Aug 31, 2016

includes all requested bbs ships --
Status; on hold + unfinished
wiill continue when editing is complete 

A collection book of sinful writings about a group of lovely men, done by yours truly.
that sounds odd-- anywhoo, yes, welcome to this awkward book of smut writings with the bbs. I hope you enjoy?

yeah- can we keep an emphasis on the word awkward?

  • bananabuscrew
  • basicallyidowrk
  • dathiedenogla
  • delirious
  • gay
  • lemon
  • luicalibre
  • miniladd
  • moosnuckel
  • ships
  • smutsss
  • terroriser
  • vanoss
  • vanosscrew
  • wildcat
RiaHime RiaHime May 24, 2017
Ship: H2OVanoss
                              Top: Delirious
                              Bottom: Vanoss
                              Prompt: Evan is at home waiting for Delirious to come home from work but what Delirious doesnt know is that Evan is in his sexy maid outfit waiting on their bed.
                              Extra: Evan likes the "toys" 
                              LOL IM WEIRD XP
-Warrion- -Warrion- May 18, 2016
                              Top: Tyler
                              Bottom: Mini
                              Promt: Mini is a neko. Which is just a cat hybrid I think. And it's mating season. And let's just say he makes it obvious what time of season it is. Tyler is human.
                              Extras: No pink Mini Ladd hair plz.
SlytherinSprinkles SlytherinSprinkles Oct 23, 2016
Ship: Daithi De Lui 
                              Top : Lui 
                              Bottom : Nogla 
                              Prompt : Nogla comes home from work only to be pinned to a wall by Lui. Lui tippy toes to actually pin Nogla. 
                              Extra: Nogla likes getting handcuffed.
                              *Oh gawd*
thepandaispurple thepandaispurple Sep 01, 2016
                              What a request, Now that's something that may take away for Detail and
                              Shít, but I actually really wanna write this XD
BucketOfTrash BucketOfTrash Jun 04, 2016
Ship: DathiDeLui
                              Top: Lui
                              Bottom: David
                              Prompt: Nogla kept annoying Lui about how short and cute he was so Lui seeks revenge. Who's cuter now Nogla?
PhannicAtTheMilkFic PhannicAtTheMilkFic May 18, 2016
Shippy Ship- Dathi De Calibre
                              Top- Dathi
                              Bottom- Lui
                              Prompt- Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... They're chilling at one point and one of em accidentally shares his feelings and the other one does as well eventually leading to a lemony lime-ish? XD I'M BAD AT PROMPTS!!!
                              Extra- Stuff. XD