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America isn't the happy hero everyone thinks he is, it's the opposite. But could England and Canada help him? •contains UsUk• •FINISHED• 

   This was my first story and it's pretty noob but if you're ok with that then go ahead, but you can really tell I improved with my other stories.

This is exactly how I started but no one deserves to feel like shīt because of what others say. Everyone is perfect in their own way.
Omg, why can’t Alfred see how fûcking hot he is!? Also, I’ve been called worse....
WillowMeep WillowMeep Dec 31, 2016
170 pounds that light oh Alfred please don't do this to yourself it makes me sad
Fūck you to Germany. *sr.pelo rage*(yes I mean I'm acting like sr.pelo when he rages)