#1.My Girlfriends Twin?? (Zerrie Fan Fic)

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1D_Forever_1D_399456 By 1D_Forever_1D_399456 Updated 2 years ago
Hi I'm Paris Edwards and I am 20 years old...If your wondering,yes I am Perrie Edwards sister! Well her older sister,I was born 2 mintues before her! Being her sister is hard,but being her twin sister is even worse! I get followed around every where!! And it's harder because I can't date anyone because people think she is cheating on Zayn!! Well things get 10 times worse when Perrie wants me to meet Zayn and his friends...I already met Little Mix...These questions keep going in my head. "What if they don't like you?" "What if they think your weird." "What if they don't like me because I am different from Perrie?" "What if I fall in LOVE?!" Who knows what will happen....
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