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Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Ninjago, and all other RP!

Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Ninjago, and all other RP!

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Pirate Nikko By Jenna_and_Bill Updated Feb 04


- - Jan 08
((Lapis, lol again))
                              I was the new Ninja! Well...The others diddn't know yet, for they were on the mission soon to return. Sensei only knew of my water abilities, not of my gem, I planned to keep that secret.
                              ((Changing crush to Cole for this cuz the lonley taco))
The 5 siblings were wandering around Gravity Falls, in the forest near the shack.
RLKing27 RLKing27 Dec 01, 2016
                              Josiahthan was taking care of his dragon, Razor, in the dragon pen, humming to himself as he worked.
DakotaLulamoon DakotaLulamoon Dec 01, 2016
(Gravity Falls))
                              Dakota was in The Mystery shack looking at dippers book looking for the page with Bill.
creepypastlovers2259 creepypastlovers2259 Dec 15, 2016
Steven universe one 
                              Rose walked around the kindergarten singing softly looking for her hole
- - Jan 06
                              I slowly woke up, in an unknown home, in a unknown bed, I let my eyes adjust feeling pain overtake my body