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Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Ninjago, and all other RP!

Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Ninjago, and all other RP!

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Morro's Daughter By Nikko_Morro Updated Apr 13


Name: Name: Savannah Lola Maria Garmadon
                              Age: (same as Lloyd)
                              Gender: female 
                              Looks: I'll pm you the link.
                              Clothes : she wears ripped jeans,  a blue T-shirt and converses.
                              Element: energy 
                              Weapon: Axe 
                              Crush: Kai
Name: Cassidy
                              Parents: dead
                              Siblings/family: Jay (cousin) Master of speed (cousin)
                              Powers: lightning and speed
                              Personality: Bubbly, rushed, crazy, funny, immature
                              Love interest: Kai
Backstory: Gravity falls: She moved there a little before the summer. Ninjago: Mom and Dad died in fire when she was six. Ran off, became theif for various villains, and then met the ninja in the tournament
Name: Eliza Walker
                              Parents: Edd and Edna
                              Siblings: Jay
                              Powers: Lightning (like Jay)
                              Personality: Bubbly, annoying sometimes, kind, caring, a little insecure, somewhat competitive.
                              Family: Edd, Edna, Jay.
                              Love interest: Ronin
Personality: Funny, loud, friendly, and smart(Gravity falls)
                              Antisocial, Quiet, has bad temper, and tends to be rude.
Name: Selene Carlton Walker
                              Sibling/Family: Jay (Brother)
                              Powers: Elemental (She can split into 7 elements)
                              Personality: Shy, Polite, Kind, Caring, Short tempered
                              Love interest: Lloyd