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Dancetale: An Undertale FanFic

Dancetale: An Undertale FanFic

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Chaotic Dreamer By Valorie1 Updated Jan 22

Frisk lives with her adopted mother and father Asgore and Toriel. She also lives with her brothers Asriel (adoptive) and Chara (biological twins). Now everyone in her family only does classical entertainment. Including her. Asgore, Toriel and Asriel all have the dance style of waltz. And Chara and herself have the dance style of Ballet. All three of the siblings go to the same dance school with Asriel being a sophomore and Chara and Frisk being freshmen. While at the school Frisk meets the Skeleton brothers with Papyrus being a tango dancer (sophomore) and Sans being a hip hop dancer (Junior). Frisk liked Sans' style of dancing and decided she wanted to try too. But in deciding to do this she goes against her parents wishes. What is she going to do?

Tersea8235 Tersea8235 Jan 10
Well..... I don't trust that Sans and Azreal don't get along
BlueMousey BlueMousey May 24, 2016
ME WANT CHAPTER 2, please update when you can i love the book!
DiamondClaw90 DiamondClaw90 Dec 08, 2016
I convinced myself Mettaton is a girl not a boy. Only because the other Ghost is missing. I am assuming that is a ghost