Adopted By Lin Manuel Miranda

Adopted By Lin Manuel Miranda

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Paige By paige7667 Updated Jul 27

12 year-old Alexa's parents died when she was 9 in a car crash.  From there, she was transferred to the foster system, where she was stuck in a pretty unlucky home. Every Friday and Monday morning at 10:00, she goes to the park.  Every time she is there, there is the same man sitting on the same bench.  She learns that his name is Lin and he wrote the musical 'Hamilton'. The two become friends and you must read the book to find out what happens!

This book was inspired by the amazing Abi_Fanzel!!!!
Thank you to @PhillipIsMyTwin for the amazing cover!  Please follow this user!  They are awesome!

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Harry Potter all over again XD next thing you know They're a wizard!!!
Belvitagurl Belvitagurl Jun 28
u like inspired me to do an adopted by Lin-Manuel Miranda, except it sucks
Hey my obsession is Hamilton so u have nothing to worry about. All I listen to is Hamilton all I talk about is Hamilton and the original Broadway cast and most of the time I think about Hamilton. I had so much Hamilton stuff it's not even funny. So dragons are awesome
potcalli potcalli Dec 27, 2016
i got this really dumb idea (and i'm not saying you should change the book i love it the way it is) but what if she was googling if this was a musical the same way lin did and that's how she found hamilton
Ophello Ophello Jan 02
I have an obsession with drawing people it's weird I literally have so many sketch books FILLED with people
broadgaysam broadgaysam Dec 21, 2016
(Hi my name's Catrina, and my name is Hugh! I'm Sarah, I'm Emma and I'm Joe to you) That video is the first thing I thought of when I read first sentence 😂😂😂😂