my drawings

my drawings

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Devilandsinner By Devilandsinner Updated 4 days ago

these are just (maybe) comics and drawings I do when I'm bored, so yeah. 
And I have a VERY boring life...


1)my swearing. You'll hear a LOT of it in this damn book.

2)There's also going to be digital, old, traditional, comics, and some fan art.

3)I'm a little rusty but I'll try to improve as I go (that's is such a big lie -__-) 

4)All the art belongs to me (unless I say that it isn't)

5)I'll only say who owns the game, character, picture, or OC only once. If you mistaken it as mine or you think it's copyright, not really my problem. Do some research before you say something. 
I also will sometimes not know the owner of what ever I draw or the of the picture, so yeah.

6)There's going to be mistakes in spelling and grammar that I don't plan on fixing, you'll just have to deal with it.

7)I have OCs, so if ya don't like those, uh. Just ignore them I guess

8) I'm extremely rude and often over react to simple things. I'm also pretty stupid

9)Oh yeah, I also do requests. Don't expect them to be good tho

Wow, you read through all of that?
You have free time to read this. That's for sure.
Enjoy the book.

-_-           Just when I think I'm a good artist. 😑😞😭😭
                              My email won't vertify remember?
                              So I can't respond to messages. .
I was hooked by the title, and I wasn't disappointed. THIS IS QUITE AMAZING.