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Xx_duh_xX By Xx_duh_xX Updated Dec 05, 2016

Hunter has been searching for about a year for a Daddy. Not his real father though. 
Hunter has been searching for a relationship. One that is very different from most.
A Daddy is a boyfriend, a lover, and a caregiver, but also someone who treats their partner like a child.
That may sound creepy, but it can be amazing.
When Hunter finally finds his Daddy, he has some adjusting to do, and it won't be very easy.

Navy_Print Navy_Print Jun 25, 2016
you should dwell more on the Love story its Going to be ... amazing
I just realized that his initials are KDH like Kyle David Hall .3. XD
sica97200 sica97200 Jan 29
I i like this story. But the word " child" make me feel like a pervert.
                              Maybe it'd because i'm used to read "Little" .
Jina-Hoshiwana Jina-Hoshiwana Dec 27, 2016
Rereading this over and over and over and over again cause it's just THAT good 😢😍💓
SidneyWilson SidneyWilson Nov 29, 2016
I love asparagus with sea salt or if they are cooked with something nice
hamstertime hamstertime Oct 05, 2016
I got my body, got my lips. Got my pocket full of hawthornes!