Running Into You

Running Into You

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Jordyn is the younger sister of Alexis. They are only a year apart... Paige is Alexis's best friend and feels like she is stuck in her shadow...

Alexis and Paige have made Jordyn's life hell since an incident and a misunderstanding when they were little.

Alexis and Paige are now seniors with Jordyn being a junior. Alexis and Jordyn have virtually no relationship. Paige was gone all summer with her parents divorcing. The last time she saw Jordyn she was in an awkward faze of her life. She had braces and hadn't fully matured yet.

When she gets back things have done a 180. Jordyn is one of the hottest girls at school and happen to snag the star football player.

What will happen when Paige and Jordyn work on a project together? Will a friendship start up or maybe something more after they sneak off to a party together.

lovato_harmonizers lovato_harmonizers Oct 13, 2015
The it.. it's Sophie and Sian from the Coronation Street.  <3
EdinroseAbolencia EdinroseAbolencia Oct 11, 2015
what were the songs used when they make up during the party??
IAmHarleyQuinn IAmHarleyQuinn Dec 08, 2014
my cousin and me, her friends stuck up for her and mine for me but unfortunately we were smaller...until 5th grade muahahahahaha lpl
SleepingLuke SleepingLuke Oct 28, 2014
My sister and I, yet, my friends would hang out with my sister instead of me.
icantthinkstr8 icantthinkstr8 Oct 16, 2014
i like your cover the epic sian and sophie from "coronation street" :)
vampiredemon16 vampiredemon16 Apr 24, 2014
I'm re reading this I can't wait till third instalment is done