Heroes of Unelia, Book 1: Crystal and the Journey to the Stars

Heroes of Unelia, Book 1: Crystal and the Journey to the Stars

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Dragon Fire By dragonfire535 Updated Aug 30, 2017

There's another planet in the galaxy, another planet of Star Warriors. Having managed to survive the wrath of Nightmare during the war, this planet, Unelia, has been a peaceful place for quite some time. But they cannot avoid detection forever. And as the second Star Warrior's War approaches, this planet may become a very different place. 

But there's one thing about this planet. A prophecy of the ancients from long ago, one that will soon be fulfilled. There is only one hope for Unelia, and her time in the spotlight is approaching fast...

Takes place in @ebearskittychan's Heroes of Dreamland universe. Currently, it is classed as Canon. Yep, this is actually canon! I'm super excited!

Credit to @ebearskittychan for loads of wonderful ideas and the universe itself, and @Ivory-the-Meowstic for the terrific OCs: Wave, Emerald, Scar, and the land of Unelia itself. Kirby and its characters are property of Nintendo and HAL Laboratory, and I take no ownership of them.

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bokapoo bokapoo Nov 15, 2017
                              you still have to give us a bad guy tho
bokapoo bokapoo Nov 15, 2017
I already have! In fact, Ebear showed me to your series!
                               By the way, you have to give us a bad guy to SOLARRRR or else it isn't a real kirby series.
epicRedHot epicRedHot May 19, 2016
*grabs pie out of seemingly nowhere*
                              LET THEM EAT PIE!
                              *throws pie at his face*
Ittybitykitty123 Ittybitykitty123 Nov 24, 2016
                              * fourth wall crashes down *
ebearskittychan ebearskittychan May 19, 2016
And so SOLARRRRRRRR already makes an appearance
                              I love this! It's so exciting to have someone else add to the lore I came up with ^^
epicRedHot epicRedHot May 19, 2016
                              My crew just has a singular lunch table, and even THAT gets nabbed from time to time... ;-;