Guardians of the Boundary (Book 3 of The Conjurors Series)

Guardians of the Boundary (Book 3 of The Conjurors Series)

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The battle is over. Now it's war.

Valerie's entire life has been spent fighting for survival. But now, the stakes have never been higher, and her enemies have never been more powerful. 

The Fractus have proven that they won't hesitate to kill those who stand in their way, including the people Valerie loves. And their path of destruction is growing-on Earth and the Globe. With Reaper always one step ahead, Valerie must find a way to change the game, or risk never catching up to an enemy with the conviction and power to upset the delicate balance that protects those without magic from being exploited. 

As the Fractus grow in number and strength, can Valerie convince enough Conjurors to fight by her side against a menace that could upend the universe? 

In the third novel of The Conjurors Series, Valerie has the life she's always dreamed of-a family, a budding romance, and powerful magic that she is finally learning to harness. She also has an enemy determined to rip it all away from her.

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CellophaneFlowers90 CellophaneFlowers90 Apr 19, 2017
Ugh!!!! Tan and Thai. I didn't like tan and now I know why I didn't like thai. Torture lol
goddessofcereal56 goddessofcereal56 Apr 20, 2017
                              Not really but I can never seem to steer just one ship.  Cy THai they are both just so perfect in their own ways.  DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE!!!
goddessofcereal56 goddessofcereal56 Apr 20, 2017
THe Fractus already have.  Oh and now I feel bad for Tan.  WHY IS THIS SO COMPLEX!!! ;(
PearlyPegs PearlyPegs Dec 05, 2017
Ha ha ooo so you can't snap at a frog huh well next time you day no one can talk to you like that don't just jump out like a chicken
CellophaneFlowers90 CellophaneFlowers90 Apr 19, 2017
Can't say I feel bad for Thai. He did leave Val for the frog lady. I'm so loving these book!
cellamystery cellamystery Jun 01, 2016
As unexpected as this is.. I still don't like Thai and I still was Cyrus and Valerie to get together.. Like REALLY bad. And I am now reminded of twilight. Huh.