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Beauty Blood (Septiplier)

Beauty Blood (Septiplier)

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♡Dacoda♡ By Slenderboy152 Updated Sep 06, 2016

Jack has been going to a night club pretty frequently called 'midnight' all he knows about the club is that it's owned by some pretty creepy yet gorgeous people. One night he is almost raped when one of the owners named Mark saves him. But Mark and the other owners have a dark secret

Still alive after getting his heart ripped out *coughs* ONCE UPON A TIME*coughs*
I wouldn't actually put it past jack to have a rubber duck irl
Oh I love book cry!  So shy, too pure.  The greatest cinnamon roll must be protected at all costs
Wait wait wait wait wait,  Aaron... Felix.... Cry... Minx... Krism... These exact characters are from anothor fanfic! Has anyone read that fanfiction on quotev?!  Does anyone know what im talking about???
Wow, this is really good. I love it already and it's only the first chapter!!
Next song is called
                              ITS RAININ TACOS!!
                              FROM OUT OF THE SKY
                              NO NEED TO ASK WHY
                              JUST OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND CLOSE YOUR EYES
                              ITS RAININ TACOSS