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Their Assassin {Black Butler x Reader}

Their Assassin {Black Butler x Reader}

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Silke Faustus By SilkeMichaelis Updated Feb 14

It's been four year since [Y/N] became an assassin. In those four years she became more skilled, more powerful and a lot more known. Now the people in London, even some outside the big city, know her as 'The Cat'. The name based on her graceful movements, much like those of a cat.

Until now she didn't really have a bad time getting rid of her victims, but now she'll get a far more difficult task. [Y/N] got the task to kill the queen's guard dog and spider.

{I just realised I spelled 'assassin' wrong. Please ignore that and the other grammar mistakes}

AshlynnWritez AshlynnWritez Nov 03, 2016
*inhuman fangirl noises* FDNEUGNUGJNEG OMG BASSY I LOVE YOU!!!...but please don't kill me