Book of Lemons

Book of Lemons

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Shadow Devil By jackieverde Updated Jun 17, 2016

Black Butler Characters:
Sebastian, Cluad, Ceil, Alois, Pluto, Grell, Finniy, Undertaker

Attack On Titans Characters:
Levi, Eren, Jean, Marco, Connie, Sasha, Erwin, Hanji 

Tokyo Ghoul Characters:
Kanike, Uta, Mado, Tocka, Nishiki, tsukiyama, Hide, Jason

Fariy Tail Characters:
Nastue, Gray, Loki, Leo, Lucy, Erza, Juvia, Elfman

tabcat543 tabcat543 Dec 30, 2017
All of the animes the reader said are ALL of my favourite animes in the world.
glass_animals glass_animals Mar 14, 2017
My blush is red.
                              jiraiya's hair is prickly.
                              Let me just say.
                              That escalated quickly.
fistmyass fistmyass Feb 12, 2017
Breasts don't get lonely. 
                              They always come in pairs. 
                              Boo dun tish. 
                              *Gets slapped*
ashjeagerbish ashjeagerbish Dec 31, 2016
* hides in corner and blushes* dangit jean UH corporal Levi sir!
                              Levi: what? 
                              * shows phone * these should be my new punishments 
                              Levi: wh-
                              ITS WAS A DAREEE
- - Oct 16, 2016
I said to my brother "you wanna here something smexy?" he said okay and than he look at the title of the book and tried to take the computer an I started scream "NUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!! MY LEMONS!!!!"
Fallen_Jade Fallen_Jade Nov 26, 2016
All I want to know is, why don't people just say tucking dick in fanfictions? Why do they have to come up with these weird af "terms" for it ._.