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Heartbreak Before Love

Heartbreak Before Love

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kauigirl By kauigirl Completed

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Hello reader,

I apologize in advance if you find this story to be less than satisfactory. It was my very first story here on wattpad and still needs editing. Thank you for giving it a chance and hope you will check out my other stories as well:)


"Kevin, I finished filling all the salt and pepper shakers. Can I leave now?" I yelled to one of my big brothers who was in charge of our family restaurant.

 "Yeah, just remember you promised you'd work an extra hour for me tomorrow though."  He shouted back.  I mumbled a quick 'yeah' as I grabbed my bag and booked it out of there.  

It was a big night, after all.  My boyfriend Sha...

LaylaRae LaylaRae Jun 25, 2015
I've been searching for this book for so long! I'd read part of it a long time ago then couldn't remember what it was called. I'm so glad I found it! ! :)
snuggled_pillow snuggled_pillow Apr 20, 2015
Omg I read the description as her boyfriend hooked up with HIS guy best Friend! Hahahaha I thought this story was gonna be so funny!.... Until I started reading it lol but I'm sure it's gonna be great!
nellsbells1234 nellsbells1234 Feb 08, 2015
That has to be one of the lamest excuses I've ever heard in my life
longnamed_soccergirl longnamed_soccergirl Nov 29, 2014
This is so easy I mean with these expectations she kind of has it coming I mean she has to know on some level she can't be this ignorant
BaconHo BaconHo Nov 11, 2014
mhm that's what you think. She's one of the sluts cheating with your boyfriend right now.
Those bastard how could they. No need to explain, she heard it all. Real friends don't keep secrets that no will break  heart, real friends don't try to steal your boyfriend.