Intellectual Rants, Rambles & Opinions

Intellectual Rants, Rambles & Opinions

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foreplay queen ☤ By WordsOnFire Updated Aug 24

I need to rant, and chances are there'll be something in here you can relate to. Ranting is therapeutic, so let's do it.

Things that piss me off, excite me, or make me sad. 

You're about to hear it all

Controversial topics included that may cause you to hate me. Prepare to debate.

roxyvzh roxyvzh Jul 24, 2016
Every girl has special traits that make her attractive to guys. The fuq even happens on instagram?  Chances are you don't even meet that person ur fawning over. Just be you and love your body for what it is
jaedenk jaedenk Sep 22, 2016
i mean i like my women in whatever way they come, slim or thick 👅
QueenoftheTeam QueenoftheTeam Nov 10, 2016
Legit I always thought the kardashians had some Latino blood in them. Oops. Guess it was just the tan
IAteYourCookieChild IAteYourCookieChild Nov 22, 2016
They covered her skin up with pen, I don't know whether it's terrible Photoshop or purposely
OldPages OldPages Aug 04, 2016
Wow she looks so different, I knew that she altered her face with lip injections but I never knew... she looks so different! *stiffes gasp* (-she wasn't even ugly before like what)