Edward's True Mate

Edward's True Mate

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Sgb1011-QOD By Sgb1011-QOD Updated Sep 03, 2016

Edward and the Cullen's arrived at another location. Ready to begin their life again. His marriage with Bella has been rocky. She found out she was his blood singer/Mate. What she didn't know was there's also a True Mate.

This changes everything. What will she do when he finds his? Will she do something drastic and destroy everything they built?

Rated Mature, Drama, Action, Violence, and Romance

Disclaimer, I do not own Twilight, all credit revolving names, nicknames, myths, pictures found online, photos, Meyer's story, and characters belong to their respected owners. I do own my OC

Some Language and Mature content

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TwilightGirl32 TwilightGirl32 Apr 29, 2017
I feel sorry for the Cullen' s  having to put up with Bella..I like the new mate
RinLu4Life RinLu4Life Jun 20, 2017
Me when someone tries to say my best friend is their best friend
escaping_lifee escaping_lifee Mar 23, 2017
Ding ding ding  we have a winner. The winner is Bitćhy Bella
Mermaidengirl Mermaidengirl Apr 20, 2017
Die in a whale.or go and f**king kill herself wait isn't she a vampire